Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Eye

Sorry for the long absence... it's been a very bbbbuuuussssyyyy week in the office :( Anyway, I'm not a great fan of horror and this post is definitely not about the horror movie. Last Friday, we went to Mall of Asia to attend the Travel Fair. There were so many travel agencies and airline companies on that fair, it's just so confusing to choose :P We didn't end up booking any tours or flights there hehe. Since it's still too early to go home, we tried out the MOA Eye. It's not as grand as the London or Sitngapore Eye but it still has a great view nonetheless. I wish we went there earlier for sunset as I think I would have seen better views. The ride costs P150 for a 10-15 minute ride.... which is for me a bit expensive. I had a great time though :D

Here's the pics I got that day...

DOT booth @ the Travel Fair

along MOA

view from inside the gondola

another view

colorful lights :D

with the MOA Eye at the background
I would have to cut short my post as I'll be busy preparing for my Legazpi trip on Friday. I will no longer have time to prepare on Thursday so it's best not to do a last minute thing :)

Good night!


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